matt blake of megaman fan realm

At the end of August 2018, Matt Blake started the Mega Man Fan Realm project to celebrate and promote the legacy (and future) of the Mega Man franchise.

Matt stated ''I read legions of comments from Mega Man fans on various forums, and it is clear that Mega Man truly means a lot to so many people. It has had a profound effect on fans and truly makes them happy. Celebrating this passion is extremely rewarding.''

Despite being only a few months old, Matt has achieved a lot with the project!

Upon its launch, Matt's official MMFR page earned a 5-star rating from fans. Posts from the page also reached over 22,000 Mega Man fans in just one week!

A mere two months into the project and post reach was up to an impressive 54,000 in just a single week (and the page soon had over 1,500 followers).

Several articles and reviews on Mega Man that Matt wrote, were also featured on Vocal Media. Matt now regularly writes and contributes Mega Man content.

''I'm grateful that so many people have taken time out of their day to read something that I have written, or that on a weekly basis I help tens of thousands of other fans stay connected with the latest Mega Man news, or updates'' he proclaimed.

Several large Mega Man fan groups (i.e Mega Man friends, Soul Rokkuman, Just Be a Mega Man, Mega Man Legends 3 Revival, and Aposto que encontro 100,000 fas de Mega Man) have all featured or shared Matt's posts or articles. Furthermore, the prominent gaming groups Retro game Treasures, World of Retro Gaming, and Nerds Raging all shared or featured Matt's Mega Man posts/articles.

Matt has even involved he passion for Mega Man in charity. Upon the release of Mega Man 11, he launched a free giveaway contest where he gave away several copies of the game. Matt also donated several Mega Man figures to Christmas Toy Drives over the 2018 Holiday Season.

Furthermore, Matt used the Mega Man Fan Realm to promote the Mega Man-athon event, which raises money for the important Child's Play Charity (which donates toys and games to children's hospitals worldwide). Aside from trying to raise awareness for the event and charity, Matt also made a donation.

Along side running the Mega Man Fan Realm, Matt is also a moderator for the Megaman Fan Club group, which has over 1,000 members.

Furthermore, he is a member of many other large Mega Man groups, and has earned the Conversation Starter badge from many of these, due to his engaging content. He is also among the Top 5 contributors on the Mega Man Revival Team Group.

Matt is also an avid Mega Man collector, and has many limited edition items. Via social media, his collection has consistently received praise from other fans from all over the world. A post about his collection became one of the most liked and engaged photos to be featured on the group Ottawa Gaming.