Mega Man has had a profound impact on fans. Writer Mike Minotti ( stated, Mega Man has some of the most passionate fans in gaming. The series inspires artists, musicians, speedrunners, and more.

Pete Roithmayr, director/senior buyer for Electronics Boutique proclaimed Mega Man...He's a popular character with a proven success rate who appeals to a wide range of our customers. While Doreen Erickson, merchandise manager for Babbages Etc, voiced Mega Man is a well-known character who historically has sold very well for us. Mega Man...crosses all age barriers and appeals to both parents and kids alike.

​Indeed Mega Man's fan-base is large, loyal, and diverse. Below are testimonials from fans, that illustrate what Mega Man means to them. If you would like to submit a fan testimonial click the button below.


The Impact of Megaman

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Joaquin Lopez Joaquin Lopez
Mega Man means the perfect "never give up" and "fight for justice" type of game, because it sometimes can be hard as balls, but you keep trying to defeat the adversities and get better with time, and you fight to achieve world peace, and this can be associated with real life situations, but that's only the message. I love Mega Man too because of it's great gameplay and music, the gameplay never gets old, and that's why it hasn't changed at all (if we talk about about the main sagas: Classic ,X, Zero, ZX) it's just so fun to play every game, even the RPG games like BN, SF and Legends (I highly recommend these games). The music is my favorite thing in any game, and Mega Man's music inspires me a lot, I'm actually thinking of becoming a musician thanks to it, some themes make me feel happy, others make me sad, and I can even say it's the soundtrack of my life. So, summing up, Mega Man it's why I think videogames are art in some way, without this and many other franchises I wouldn't love games as much as I do, hell I would be playing COD and Fortnite now, so thanks Mega Man for being in my childhood!