Mega Man has had a profound impact on fans. Writer Mike Minotti ( stated, Mega Man has some of the most passionate fans in gaming. The series inspires artists, musicians, speedrunners, and more.

Pete Roithmayr, director/senior buyer for Electronics Boutique proclaimed Mega Man...He's a popular character with a proven success rate who appeals to a wide range of our customers. While Doreen Erickson, merchandise manager for Babbages Etc, voiced Mega Man is a well-known character who historically has sold very well for us. Mega Man...crosses all age barriers and appeals to both parents and kids alike.

​Indeed Mega Man's fan-base is large, loyal, and diverse. Below are testimonials from fans, that illustrate what Mega Man means to them. If you would like to submit a fan testimonial click the button below.


The Impact of Megaman

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Gabe Morales Gabe Morales
Mega Man has been there with me as I grew up. My first memories of a mega man game was Mega man X. My cousins had a copy. While playing for the first time I was introduced in to Zero. My older cousins telling me that X and Zero we're brothers. As a little kid I believed it. I always believed that I was X and my older cousin who was like my older brother was Zero. To see how strong Zero was compared to X made me believe in the game and in person that I could be as strong as Zero/ My big brother. I remember my parents buying me my own play station with mega man 8, and mega man X5. I remember beating the games to just play them again from the beginning. My parents even told me that I used to run like mega man at sporting events, because I wanted to be mega man! The thrill of getting Mega man battle network as a 10 year old was amazing, and really brought out my love for a more advanced turn base system (fan more than any Pokemon game has done). After all the hard battles and progression we grow in life, it's like a pattern in any Mega Man level, after we beat that pattern and beat what has taken us down. Like Mega Man getting a power up, we grow as people through tough trials.