Mega Man has had a profound impact on fans. Writer Mike Minotti ( stated, Mega Man has some of the most passionate fans in gaming. The series inspires artists, musicians, speedrunners, and more.

Pete Roithmayr, director/senior buyer for Electronics Boutique proclaimed Mega Man...He's a popular character with a proven success rate who appeals to a wide range of our customers. While Doreen Erickson, merchandise manager for Babbages Etc, voiced Mega Man is a well-known character who historically has sold very well for us. Mega Man...crosses all age barriers and appeals to both parents and kids alike.

​Indeed Mega Man's fan-base is large, loyal, and diverse. Below are testimonials from fans, that illustrate what Mega Man means to them. If you would like to submit a fan testimonial click the button below.


The Impact of Megaman

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Jase Davis Jase Davis from Ferndale
1991. That was the year I fell in love with the Blue Bomber, countless nights at Grandma's house playing Mega Man II. Even the thought of Mega Man always brings me back to simpler times when life wasn't as confusing. Growing up, my love for Mega Man grew and grew and grew. He was my video game friend. And I, his ally. I fell out of gaming for a few years, and when I saw a dusty NES with a box full of games while cleaning some stuff out of Grandma's storage space, I saw that cart again. The dorky dude in blue, holding that gun, pointed at Quick Man and Wily hiding behind Crash Man for some all came rushing back. And plugging that console into a CRT I had found at Goodwill solidified the love that I had for not only Mega Man, but retro gaming as a whole. I began collecting everything Mega Man that I could. He's everywhere. Decals all over my car. Perler bead recreations of sprites adorn my recording studio and all over my apartment. The love of my life with a Mega Man Dia de Los Muertos tattoo on her forearm. Fan art adorning every open spot on my walls. And my China cabinet with a dedicated shelf of Mega Man schwag. It all contributes to my allegiance to Dr. Light's greatest creation: Rock.